What sets video and photo apart from text on a page is the form itself, not the content. It’s well-documented that viewers engage more intensely with video and photo than with even the most well-written text. Plus, the human brain is shown to process video/photo 60,000 times faster than text. Because of this, video and photo marketing has become an effective and integral part of marketing strategies for top-performing companies.

Phantom Productions specializes in video, photo, and animation that not only look good from a visual standpoint, but tell the story and deliver the message of each and every client we work with. As an experienced and ambitious visual marketing company, striving to push the boundaries on what is possible is one of our main focuses! Energy, creativity and professionalism are the key pillars to our success. No matter how big or small the project may be, we approach every job with the same passion.

Chris Roussakis, Phantom’s Chief Creative Director, has been applying that passion and vision for content creation with clients across Canada for the past 15 years. Starting out as a photojournalist, Chris grew as a photographer by landing a job at Sun Media on Parliament Hill, straight out of college. From there he freelanced for many clients around the world. More recently, Chris has worked as the Creative Director for NRML.

Chris and Phantom co-founder Kyle Smendziuk (who is also the CEO and co-founder of WebMarketers) have been friends since childhood. Given the success that each has created over the past several years, it was a no-brainer that the two would inevitably collaborate on something very cool when the opportunity presented itself. Establishing himself not only as a preeminent photographer but as a creative visionary – one who has built relationships with ad agencies and major clients working on national and international ad campaigns – has prepared Chris for where he is now. With experience being on big sets, including Gusto TV, as well as playing an integral role in major projects for a variety of clients, Chris is well positioned as the creative leader for Phantom Productions, driving the energy and setting the high standard for the work we deliver.