15 Recent Project Highlights

Ottawa Senators Club Bell

Providing your sales team with engaging content is crucial. This piece is designed to spark interest through an immersive experience. Our video production team captured the essence of what it feels like to be in those seats!

Denturist Association of Ontario (DAO)

This straightforward yet impactful advertisement was designed for social media marketing. It was shot in a single day and produced to maximize value for the client.

Meal Prep Ottawa

This advertisement was centred on creating a high impact and targeting the ideal client. In this video production, we employed creative camera movements to maintain the viewers’ attention throughout the entire ad.


Carleton University – Sprott School of Business

Offering insight into a distinctive experience makes for compelling content to share with the world. We combined interviews with b-roll footage to provide viewers with a glimpse of what the Sprott School of Business offers its students.


NHL All-Star Weekend

Amidst a weekend filled with captivating content, we managed to create a video providing viewers with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our team’s process of photographing each player before the big game!


Sleepwell Property Management

Utilizing comedy to promote an unfinished building, we developed a video concept designed to keep viewers interested and engaged while also highlighting the value proposition that our client was most proud of.


Klipfolio – PowerMetrics

Sometimes live action video isn’t the best way to convey your message. Using animation to encourage viewers to book a demo can be highly effective in attracting prospects. The colours and motion in this piece are designed to engage viewers on a psychological level.



A video with only music and no dialogue needs to tell a compelling story. In this shoot, our video production team brought to life a day in the life of a typical customer profile.


Ottawa Heart Institute

Employing animation to provide patients with a gentle reminder of what to expect before an upcoming surgery is a delicate endeavor. Our animation team created an inviting and friendly piece of content, aiming to put individuals who might be feeling nervous about their operation more at ease.


Serge Papineau Real Estate

Great ideas lead to great content. By incorporating a touch of pop culture and dynamic video clips, we’ve created a unique video series that stands out from typical real estate agent videos.


Compass Rose

Sharing your company story is crucial for building brand recognition and providing insight into your services. This video production highlights the people who make the company exceptional and offers an inside look into their specialties.


Ciena – Blue Plant

Information with a powerful impact is often best presented through animation. We transformed what could have been a lengthy document into an engaging animated piece, significantly enhancing engagement levels.


North Horizon

Human resource videos offer prospective hires a glimpse into life at your company. Gathering interviews and office footage was crucial for this video production, allowing our client to present their best foot forward when hiring.


Parker Auto Care

Engaging and creative video clips are sure to capture viewers’ attention. Crafting this video to serve as the banner for their homepage was a breeze for our production team. This polished video, coming from a business known for its authenticity, is an excellent tool for promoting their services.


Coco Tile

Collaborating with partners on a company video offers a great opportunity to showcase not only your service but also the quality of the products you use daily. We highlighted this partnership through creative camera angles and text animation in the video.

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