The Rewarding Advantages of Investing in Professional Photography

Professional photography is something that many business owners may see as a creative expense. But in reality, photography can have a discernible impact on revenue and growth, making it a valuable investment, not an outright expense.


This applies for any type of business. It doesn’t matter where you are located, who your audience is and what you’re selling – show them quality from the start and they’ll expect quality going forward.


Using high-quality photography for your business gives you a professional appearance and sets the standard for what clients should expect from working with you. That being said, there are more than a handful of ways you can take advantage of professional photography as an investment, here’s a list of our top 5.

1. Professional Photography Sets You Apart.

Anyone can take photos of their own business. In fact, that’s what most businesses are doing by default. It’s for that exact reason that professional photography will set you apart… As you grow to become an expert of your industry, investing in high quality photography is almost necessary.


It presents your business in a professional tone, giving your clients and customers the impression that you take your business seriously, that you’re dedicated and established.


2. Increased Comfort Results to Higher Conversion Rates.

First impressions have an immense impact on how people perceive your business online. As soon as a new visitor arrives on your website or sees your online advertisements, they form an opinion that shapes the way they act with your website or what you are promoting.


Since visuals are often the first thing that catches a viewer’s attention, it’s crucial that the images you use are relevant and unique to your brand.


Professional images that are tailored to your brand enable you to showcase your products, services and events in the best way possible. This will ultimately increase your rate of conversion since it makes your clients feel more involved and tells them what to expect.


3. Being Real Encourages Social Sharing.

Having a presence on social media is extremely important these days, you probably already know that. By using professional photography in your social media content, you give your followers a deeper understanding of your brand, your team and your values.


Exclusive, high-quality content makes you more approachable and provides value to your audience, which they are more likely to share with others.


With this increased social presence, you are not only showcasing your products and services to more people, but also engaging with your audience and becoming more involved with your customer base.


4. Consistency Builds Brands & Increases Revenue.

Consistent lighting, consistent depth of field, consistent colouring, consistent editing – you get the point.


Creating a brand is all about creating a consistent image that is easily recognizable. By hiring a professional photographer, elements of your brand will be captured to give you a consistent style that best represents your public image.


This consistency will make it easier for clients and customers to identify your brand across various platforms and media. Having a consistent look with your online images will allow clients to feel like they can rely on your business.


It’s been shown that brand consistency can even have a direct impact on your revenue. According to a 2016 Brand Benchmark Report, brands presenting consistency saw an average increase in revenue of 23%.


5. Professional Photography Builds Trust & Loyalty.

Wondering how investing in professional images can build trust between your clients and your brand?


You give them a look at your actual company; your people, your environment, your products, your services. This genuine aspect can help establish a connection between your business and your customers. It makes your business feel more authentic, honest and truthful.


When using stock images, you not only run the risk of another company using that same image on their website or social media, but you run the risk of completely misleading your audience.


Reap the Benefits of Professional Photography

Ready to make your business a clear leader of your industry? Set the tone for a successful year ahead with professional photography.


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